Michael S. Chen & Panel — What does it mean to be white?


What does it mean to be white? Examining the role of cultural identity in the work of racial reconciliation

Michael S. Chen, Rachael Clinton, Billy Riley & Michael Thornhill

In the broader conversation of race issues, little space has been created for white students to explore how their own race factors into the role they play in racial reconciliation. This workshop will explore the question of white racial identity in America and how Christians understand that aspect of identity in light of the Gospel. By examining Scripture, the history of race relations in America, and other stories, we will seek to understand the role of white Americans in the process of racial reconciliation today. We will explore frameworks for entering into, with humility, the often polarizing conversations that remain entrenched in defensiveness, detachment, complacency, or even victimhood.

Jubilee 2018

Haejin Shim — Faith & Law


Faith & Law
Haejin Shim

Explore the biblical mandate of seeking justice and reflect on the following questions: What does it mean to seek justice? How is seeking justice relevant to the work of lawyers today? What does seeking justice look like in the daily grind of a lawyer? How can we stay faithful to God’s call to our legal profession?

Jubilee 2018

Brian Jensen & Keith Martel – Jubilee 2017


As we read the Scriptures, we find countless examples of imperfect people co-laboring—from Adam and Eve to Moses and Aaron to Jesus and His disciples. These people are living and leading together. This is more than a “teamwork makes the dream work” mantra. It is deeply embedded into our design as humans. Although sometimes more difficult, cultivating the Kingdom in community is the way things were meant to be. Join us to explore the deep truth of this design and the implications for our lives and leadership.

CPJ – Jubilee 2017


Join us for a conversation with Sho Baraka and Propaganda about various topics, including compassion, unity, ethics, race, faith, and the church. Our hope is that by bringing these conversations to the forefront, we can move past Twitter rants and Facebook debates to a place where people are no longer disillusioned, but inspired and equipped to step back into their communities with fresh eyes, compassion in their hearts, good news on their lips—ready to live as lights in a dark world.

Jon Hart – Jubilee 2017


From Snapchat and Instagram, to Uber and AirBnb, Reach Records, Teach for America, TOMS and Krochet Kids—entrepreneurs play a critical role in forming how we as a society think, what we value, and who we are as humans. We often find ourselves suggesting that the future of culture is largely dependent on the worldview of the next generation of entrepreneurs. So what’s all the hype about, and how do we as followers of Christ engage in this sphere? Jon Hart from Praxis— a faith-motivated Venture Group with a portfolio of over 100 ventures around the globe, including businesses, nonprofits, and social enterprises—will offer his unique perspective on redemptive startups that are re-imagining culture with Christ at the center.

Scott Erickson & Justin McRoberts – Jubilee 2017


Scott Erickson and Justin McRoberts believe we pray because we’re human, not because we’re religious. Using stories from their own processes, visual art, music, and a few surprises, Scott and Justin will help you sift through the oddities and struggles often experienced in the practice of prayer.

Jamie Donne – Jubilee 2017


In 2014, only 16% of people between the ages of 18 and 29 were married, which means that many of us are experiencing a season of singleness. How can we thrive in this season rather than wishing it away, as many do? There are very real pressures in culture, the Church, and our own expectations that cause us to doubt the goodness of singleness. Paul calls singleness a gift, but what does that mean when I’m lonely on a Friday night? What are the opportunities and invitations from God for this time of life? How can we address some of those pressures and challenges? Seasons of singleness can be some of the most fruitful, fun, and vibrant times in our lives. Come join us for breakthrough principles for living whole as a single person.

Todd Allen – Jubilee 2017


On Freedom’s Journey: A Conversation with Freedom Rider Dr. Ernest “Rip” Patton, Jr. – The 21-year-old Tennessee State student was the drum major in the University marching band when, in 1961, he became involved in the Nashville Movement. Patton arrived in Montgomery, Alabama on Tuesday, May 23 to help reinforce the riders’ meeting at the home of Dr. Harris after the May 21 firebombing and siege of Montgomery’s First Baptist Church. Ernest “Rip” Patton, Jr. took part in the May 24, 1961 Greyhound Freedom Ride to Jackson, Mississippi, where he was arrested and later transferred to Mississippi’s notorious Parchman State Prison Farm. Patton was one of 14 Tennessee State University students expelled for participating in the Rides. Following the Freedom Rides, Dr. Patton worked as a jazz musician, a long-distance truck driver, and a community leader. For the past three years, he has served as the Freedom Rider on an annual university-sponsored Civil Rights Tour of the Deep South.

Walt Baptista & Dennis Slevin – Jubilee 2017


Two Ends, One Stick: Serving God in Trades and Engineering – Does it make any difference that an engineer or a tradesman (tradeswoman) is a Christian? How does faith show up when an F-150 is being designed, or when someone brings a broken truck in to be maintained or fixed? Join Dennis Slevin, Senior Engineer for the Ford Motor Company and Walt Baptista, Fixed Operations Director at Stuckey Ford and Subaru for a conversation about what it
means to follow Jesus in the worlds of automotive engineering and maintenance. Dennis and Walt will also address the tension that often exists between those who design products and those who service them.