Susan Puhala and Todd Wahrenberger – Jubilee 2015


Body, Mind, and Spirit Healing- Lessons Learned on the Road:

Todd and Sue will share their journey in birthing an integrated primary care practice that seeks to provide high-quality, person-centered, and team-based care to patients with severe mental illness in Pittsburgh’s inner city. They will share how they’ve been shaped by the gospel vision of healing in the Kingdom of God and how they try to implement this vision in creatively serving people—mind, body, and spirit.

Brian Jensen and Keith Martel – Jubilee 2015


Storied Leadership:

Harry Potter. The Hunger Games. Breaking Bad. The Odyssey. The best stories capture our hearts and minds. Everyone lives out of a narrative about reality. Stories change everything, including our leadership—who we lead, how we lead, and what we lead others toward. Is there an ultimate story that informs all of life? We will explore how the Biblical narrative does just this. Join us in the adventure of Storied Leadership.