Scott Erickson and Justin McRoberts – Jubilee 2016


Prayer: A Human Practice – We pray because we are human, not because we are religious. During this time together, we will examine the language and imagery of prayer, and then explore our own ways of creating such things for our own practice.

Mark Steffey – Jubilee 2016


Transferable Training: Using Athletic Models to Transform the Way You Approach Christian Growth – Collegiate student athletes spend thousands of hours training their bodies for competition. Whether lifting weights, eating the right foods, or improving their cardio system, they know what it takes to make progress in physical performance through a rigorous training regimen. This workshop will explore how student athletes can transfer the best of what they know about athletic training to help them grow in their Christian journey.

Jon Hart (Storytelling) – Jubilee 2016


Redeeming the Gift of Storytelling – “Whoever tells the best story shapes the culture.” From film, music, and art, to business, nonprofits, politics, and technology, story profoundly shapes the world around us. But we often see story used in ways that make us cringe. How do we—as image bearers and co-creators—claim our role as storytellers to tell an alternative narrative? Jon Hart has experience helping dozens of entrepreneurs tell their story, starting a photography and story-driven nonprofit, and executive producing a film, and he will share his unique perspective on excellence in storytelling. Whether you’re interested in story for creative expression, pitching a new business or nonprofit idea, getting a new job, or any other reason, join us to discuss storytelling from a Gospel point of view.

Bethany Jenkins – Jubilee 2016


Don’t Follow Your Passion – The main rubric by which most of us measure what job or vocation we should pursue is passion, but the passion hypothesis is flawed. Is there another way to discover our calling? In this workshop, we explore “the craftsman mindset” and how it offers a truer and better alternative.