Esau McCaulley — Toward a New Testament Theology of Policing


Toward a New Testament Theology of Policing

Esau McCaulley

One of the more pressing questions for the Black Christian today is the relationship between us and those entrusted with the task of serving and protecting our communities. This talk will show that the New Testament speaks to how the state should treat its people. First, we will look at the much-maligned Romans 13:1–7 passage, where Paul contends that the government should not be a source of fear to the innocent and should only punish the guilty. Therefore, Black Christians are on firm biblical ground when we long to lives free of fear. We’ll also turn to John the Baptist’s words to the soldiers in Luke 3:14. Given the overlap between policing and soldering in his day, his protest against corruption stands as an important testimony.

Jubilee 2018


John McElwain & Beth Walker — Living with Depression and Anxiety


Living with Depression and Anxiety

John McElwain & Beth Walker

More than 50 million links come up when “fighting depression as a Christian” is typed into Google, and more than 30 million for “signs of depression in college students.” To say that depression and anxiety are problems is an understatement. These area mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional issues that need a balanced, gracious approach. Looking at ourselves as whole people, we will share real-life stories of our own struggles and how God has worked through them, look at how Scripture encourages us to approach seasons of darkness, and talk about practical ways to live with and through depression. If we are rooted in hope in Christ, depression has the opportunity to shape us more into the image of our coming King.

Jubilee 2018

Maya Alston & Floresha Smith — How Faith Impacts the Vocation of Teaching


How Faith Impacts the Vocation of Teaching
Maya Alston & Floresha Smith

We believe that we work for God, as well as for schools and students. As a result, we are motivated to teach with excellence and display the highest degree of character and professionalism. We are to be servants of our schools, administrators, students, and families, willingly moving into places of need in ways that display the grace and goodness of our God.

Jubilee 2018

Tim Sweet — When Your Faith Means Business: Cultivating a Mindset for Redemptive Impact


When Your Faith Means Business: Cultivating a Mindset for Redemptive Impact
Tim Sweet

Do you feel called to the business world? Do you wonder how your faith could be relevant and make a difference in the marketplace? In the face of an indifferent or even hostile business climate, where are the emerging opportunities for believers in business to change the world?

Jubilee 2018