Steven Garber – Jubilee 2016


Common Grace for the Common Good – Can we know the world, and still love the world? It is the most difficult of all questions, and always has been. In the Information Age of the 21st century, the world of “info-glut,” most of the time we feel overwhelmed by what we know, and we slip into cynicism and stoicism, protecting our hearts from the implications of what we know. The Hebrew and Christian vision of learning calls us to connect what we know with the way we live, our knowledge with responsibility. To know the world—of biology and physics, history and literature, philosophy and psychology, engineering and computer science, business and communications—and to love the world is the very reason for being a student, tasked with learning to learn about things that matter to God and the world. When we see our studies this way, we see the work of student as a vocation. This talk tells stories of good people who have learned to learn this way, and whose lives are windows into what it means to be common grace for the common good.