Esau McCaulley — Toward a New Testament Theology of Policing


Toward a New Testament Theology of Policing

Esau McCaulley

One of the more pressing questions for the Black Christian today is the relationship between us and those entrusted with the task of serving and protecting our communities. This talk will show that the New Testament speaks to how the state should treat its people. First, we will look at the much-maligned Romans 13:1–7 passage, where Paul contends that the government should not be a source of fear to the innocent and should only punish the guilty. Therefore, Black Christians are on firm biblical ground when we long to lives free of fear. We’ll also turn to John the Baptist’s words to the soldiers in Luke 3:14. Given the overlap between policing and soldering in his day, his protest against corruption stands as an important testimony.

Jubilee 2018


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