Michael S. Chen & Panel — What does it mean to be white?

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What does it mean to be white? Examining the role of cultural identity in the work of racial reconciliation

Michael S. Chen, Rachael Clinton, Billy Riley & Michael Thornhill

In the broader conversation of race issues, little space has been created for white students to explore how their own race factors into the role they play in racial reconciliation. This workshop will explore the question of white racial identity in America and how Christians understand that aspect of identity in light of the Gospel. By examining Scripture, the history of race relations in America, and other stories, we will seek to understand the role of white Americans in the process of racial reconciliation today. We will explore frameworks for entering into, with humility, the often polarizing conversations that remain entrenched in defensiveness, detachment, complacency, or even victimhood.

Jubilee 2018

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