Gene Twilley — How can God know? Meditations on Psalm 73


How can God know? Meditations on Psalm 73

Gene Twilley

How do we enter into life’s difficult situations? What does it look like to live in a posture of faithfulness when you’re frustrated with the direction God seems to be leading you, or even God himself? When I graduated college, it took me three months to find a job—at the front desk of a hotel. Within five months of graduation, my dad passed away. Within close to a year, I had an estranged relationship with my sister, one of my groomsmen was dying of lymphoma, and my wife was hospitalized with an undiagnosed sickness after we had traveled to South Korea. In the midst of pain and struggle, we might ask whether or not God knows what He’s doing or if He’s even there. We’re in good company; one psalmist wondered the same thing. This workshop will consider what it looks like to try to persevere through difficulties while reflecting on Psalm 73 in the hope that, “Truly God is Good…”

Jubilee 2018

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