Joy Ike — Making Music to the Glory of God

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Making Music to the Glory of God

Joy Ike

What does it look like to make music to the glory of God in a culture of three-minute and 30-second radio-friendly pop songs? In a Kiss-FM world, new songs rise to instant popularity overnight and disappear just as quickly. In a K-LOVE world, songs often stay vague, shallow, and devoid of true authenticity. In this workshop, Joy will share a bit of her journey in music-making as a daughter of Nigerian immigrants, a publicist, an untrained musician, and as someone who wrestles to find connections between the sacred and secular while navigating the art world through a Christian worldview. Joy will also discuss the Christian’s obligation to excellence in art for the glory of God and for the souls of man.

Jubilee 2018

Dan Mackett — Redeeming Power: How Justice is Woven into the Gospel


Redeeming Power: How Justice is Woven into the Gospel

Dan Mackett

Power is a sensitive issue that most of us don’t like having conversations about. But since power is a God-granted gift to His image bearers, it’s important for us to think about the Gospel’s implications on how it is used. Ever since the Fall, we have corrupted the way we use power. This corruption has severe consequences on Gods’ original plan—slavery being one of the worst byproducts. Slavery is the exploitation of one image-bearer for another’s own selfish gain. As we look to Christ on the cross, He teaches His followers how power can be redeemed and used to bring flourishing once again through the abolition of slavery—flourishing that will show the world there is a God who rescues, restores, and is perfectly just.

Jubilee 2018

Stephanie Summers — Can We Love Our Neighbors Through Politics?


Can We Love Our Neighbors Through Politics?

Stephanie Summers

Wish everything related to politics would disappear? Or are you feeling guilty for having sat on the sidelines while other people made decisions you’re concerned about? Have you thought about God’s purpose for politics? In this session, Center for Public Justice CEO Stephanie Summers will discuss God’s good intent for our political communities and how you can be part of loving your neighbors through politics.

Jubilee 2018

Eric Miller — Telling the Story of the World

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Telling the Story of the World

Eric Miller

Is belief decisive for the way we understand the past? Should it be? We will probe the surprisingly vexed relationship between how we see the world and how we tell its story. Within the contested terrain of the historical profession, Christian historians have, over the past 50 years, advanced an array of ideas that seek to make sense of the relationship between our fundamental beliefs and historical interpretation. We will examine these efforts and work toward a deepening understanding of a faithfully Christian way of exploring the past.

Jubilee 2018

Wendell Moss — Race and Trauma (Collective Trauma)

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Race and Trauma (Collective Trauma)

Wendell Moss

Trauma is often not considered when it comes to talking about the issue of race/racism. Trauma, commonly defined as a distressing and disturbing experience, invites us to consider deep-seeded effects that racism has had and no one has escaped! My hope is to help us understand and further explore how trauma is still present in each of us (collectively) as we try to engage the issue of race and racism. I believe growing in our understanding will affect both how we listen and engage with one another, resulting in more intentionality, compassion, and curiosity.

Jubilee 2018

Rick Whitlock — Wise People with Smart Phones

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Wise People with Smart Phones
Rick Whitlock

How are our smart phones changing us? And should we be concerned? As followers of Jesus, we should care about how the use of technology affects our hearts, minds, and actions. In this workshop, we’ll seek to build a theology of technology that reveals how God thinks about technology and how our use of technology is shaping us. We’ll develop practical ideas to discern what action steps we can take in order to live as whole-hearted disciples of Jesus in the digital age. We’ll seek to become wise people with smart phones.

Jubilee 2018

Louis Arnold — Black and Blue


Black and Blue

Louis Arnold

Hear from a police sergeant about his role as the Faith and Community Liaison for a city in the Midwest as he shares how his role in the Kingdom of God and serving a God of justice informs how he engages all members of the community that he has sworn to serve, protect, and redeem.

Jubilee 2018


Emily Bingham — A Vine, a Rock, and a Table: Stability of Heart in a World of Change


A Vine, a Rock, and a Table: Stability of Heart in a World of Change

Emily Bingham

They say change is the only constant in life—and college is chock full of it. Classes change, grades change, professors change, majors change, friends change, roommates change…you change. Change, for better or worse, is unavoidable. Our ever-changing lives appear in stark contrast to a God who is constant, steadfast, and reliable in every way. And perhaps they also clash with the many images we find in Scripture that teach us about the importance of stability in the Christian life. Let’s dig into some of these images together and explore how we might cultivate what some monastic communities call “stability of heart”—even in the midst of busy lives full of change.

Jubilee 2018

David Strunk — Exploring Vocational Ministry


Exploring Vocational Ministry

David Strunk

How do you know if you are called to ministry? What does vocational ministry look like inside the church and outside it? What are the benefits and drawbacks to vocational ministry? This workshop will help students explore these questions and more during our time together. While God desires His sovereign care of the world to come through all manner of professions, this workshop will look at the joys, privileges, and duties of vocational ministry.

Jubilee 2018

Rachael Clinton — Trauma & Grace


Trauma & Grace: Engaging the heartache and disorder of living in a fallen world

Rachael Clinton

We all have stories of pain and heartache that have shaped us, stories that range from seemingly minor to those that are deeply traumatic and bring a kind of shattering. How do we make sense of these painful stories as followers of Jesus? What does healing look like, especially if what’s left in the wake is anxiety, depression, despair, and other symptoms of PTSD?

Jubilee 2018

Dan Terracciano — Getting up with Jesus


Getting up with Jesus

Dan Terracciano

How do I have an effective quiet time? Is it even that important? I mean, the Bible doesn’t require it! Yet, a healthy devotional life is one of the ways in which we grow to love Jesus intimately. But “doing devotions” often feels like stale religious routine and can feel empty. Not to mention the fact that it is incredibly difficult to find time for God–especially during college. In this workshop, we’ll get into the Scriptures together. We’ll explore the importance of a robust devotional life and we will talk about practical ways to have meaningful time with God as we actually practice together! This workshop is for the young and experienced Christian alike.

Jubilee 2018

Louis Arnold & Panel — Justice That Restores: Christians and Criminal Justice Reform

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Justice That Restores: Christians and Criminal Justice Reform

Louis Arnold, Jeremiah Mosteller, Eugene Schneeberg, Katie Thompson

The United States incarcerates more men and women each year than any other country on Earth. The criminal justice system is often described as broken and is plagued by vast racial disparities and other systemic injustices. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree that reform is needed. In this workshop, an expert panel will discuss the factors that have contributed to the current state of the criminal justice system and will explore the role of the government, the Church, and other civil society organizations in seeking innovative reforms that lead to restoration and flourishing.

Jubilee 2018


Prayer: You Can Do It — Scott Erickson and Justin McRoberts


Prayer: You Can Do It

Scott Erickson and Justin McRoberts

We pray because we’re human, not because we’re religious. Using stories from their own processes, visual art, music, and a few surprises, Scott and Justin will help you sift through the oddities and struggles often experienced in the practice of prayer.

Jubilee 2018

Jared Cave — Longing for Home


Longing for Home

Jared Cave

From Creation to Restoration, God is concerned with making a home for us and making His home among us. Whether we live on the streets or in a mansion, we are all experiencing our own sense of homelessness. Together we will define what home is for us and share the ways we find ourselves homeless in this world. We will end with a discussion on how we can show the world what a true home looks like.

Jubilee 2018

Danielle Strickland — Infinitum: A Way of Life


Infinitum: A Way of Life

Danielle Strickland

Infinitum is a practice for those who follow Jesus and choose to live lives of love. It’s not about joining something, it’s about having tools and rhythms to live this out in your context and your community. This session will be about Danielle’s own personal journey of boundless salvation as she has made surrender, generosity, and mission the foundations of her discipleship and the difference it’s made in her relationship with Jesus. This session is about ways in which infinitum as a practice might re-invigorate your faith.

Jubilee 2018

Porter Harlow — Christians & Military Service


Christians & Military Service

Porter Harlow

What does the Bible say about Christians and military service? Quite a bit. This session will look at why Christians might feel called to military service, using Scripture and the just war tradition as a guide. Porter Harlow is a recently retired Marine Officer who can answer questions about the opportunities and challenges faced by Christians serving today in the U.S. military.

Jubilee 2018

Gene Twilley — How can God know? Meditations on Psalm 73


How can God know? Meditations on Psalm 73

Gene Twilley

How do we enter into life’s difficult situations? What does it look like to live in a posture of faithfulness when you’re frustrated with the direction God seems to be leading you, or even God himself? When I graduated college, it took me three months to find a job—at the front desk of a hotel. Within five months of graduation, my dad passed away. Within close to a year, I had an estranged relationship with my sister, one of my groomsmen was dying of lymphoma, and my wife was hospitalized with an undiagnosed sickness after we had traveled to South Korea. In the midst of pain and struggle, we might ask whether or not God knows what He’s doing or if He’s even there. We’re in good company; one psalmist wondered the same thing. This workshop will consider what it looks like to try to persevere through difficulties while reflecting on Psalm 73 in the hope that, “Truly God is Good…”

Jubilee 2018

Michael S. Chen & Panel — What does it mean to be white?

[podcast] Does it Mean to be White_Examining the Role of Cultural Identity in the Work of Racial Reconciliation_j18 podcast.mp3[/podcast]

What does it mean to be white? Examining the role of cultural identity in the work of racial reconciliation

Michael S. Chen, Rachael Clinton, Billy Riley & Michael Thornhill

In the broader conversation of race issues, little space has been created for white students to explore how their own race factors into the role they play in racial reconciliation. This workshop will explore the question of white racial identity in America and how Christians understand that aspect of identity in light of the Gospel. By examining Scripture, the history of race relations in America, and other stories, we will seek to understand the role of white Americans in the process of racial reconciliation today. We will explore frameworks for entering into, with humility, the often polarizing conversations that remain entrenched in defensiveness, detachment, complacency, or even victimhood.

Jubilee 2018

Kate Harris — Calling and Constraint: Toward a Fuller Understanding of Vocation


Calling and Constraint: Toward a Fuller Understanding of Vocation

Kate Harris

Conversation about vocation often centers around our potential and our gifts, but what about the other mundane responsibilities and less-than-ideal situations God also invites us to steward as part of a faithful life? This session will offer a comprehensive and distinctively Christian view of vocation that is anchored in central doctrines of the faith. We will work to make sense of how limitations and grief may also be a part of how God desires to use us in and through our vocations.

Jubilee 2018


Phil Van Sickel — Lean and agile, how to thrive in the new enterprise


Lean and agile, how to thrive in the new enterprise

Phil Van Sickel

Lean has moved from the plant floor into the front office. Agile is revolutionizing how IT functions. Businesses are now finding that the underlying principles that drive lean and agile can be applied to any process and all departments. This is because it is a better way of working and accomplishing results. The breakthrough has been the understanding of the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers and the development of servant leadership as the necessary management style. In the end, it is about building highly effective teams, teams that energize their members and achieve results that could never be achieved by the sum of the individuals.

Jubilee 2018


Esau McCaulley — Toward a New Testament Theology of Policing


Toward a New Testament Theology of Policing

Esau McCaulley

One of the more pressing questions for the Black Christian today is the relationship between us and those entrusted with the task of serving and protecting our communities. This talk will show that the New Testament speaks to how the state should treat its people. First, we will look at the much-maligned Romans 13:1–7 passage, where Paul contends that the government should not be a source of fear to the innocent and should only punish the guilty. Therefore, Black Christians are on firm biblical ground when we long to lives free of fear. We’ll also turn to John the Baptist’s words to the soldiers in Luke 3:14. Given the overlap between policing and soldering in his day, his protest against corruption stands as an important testimony.

Jubilee 2018


John McElwain & Beth Walker — Living with Depression and Anxiety


Living with Depression and Anxiety

John McElwain & Beth Walker

More than 50 million links come up when “fighting depression as a Christian” is typed into Google, and more than 30 million for “signs of depression in college students.” To say that depression and anxiety are problems is an understatement. These area mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional issues that need a balanced, gracious approach. Looking at ourselves as whole people, we will share real-life stories of our own struggles and how God has worked through them, look at how Scripture encourages us to approach seasons of darkness, and talk about practical ways to live with and through depression. If we are rooted in hope in Christ, depression has the opportunity to shape us more into the image of our coming King.

Jubilee 2018

Maya Alston & Floresha Smith — How Faith Impacts the Vocation of Teaching


How Faith Impacts the Vocation of Teaching
Maya Alston & Floresha Smith

We believe that we work for God, as well as for schools and students. As a result, we are motivated to teach with excellence and display the highest degree of character and professionalism. We are to be servants of our schools, administrators, students, and families, willingly moving into places of need in ways that display the grace and goodness of our God.

Jubilee 2018

Tim Sweet — When Your Faith Means Business: Cultivating a Mindset for Redemptive Impact

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When Your Faith Means Business: Cultivating a Mindset for Redemptive Impact
Tim Sweet

Do you feel called to the business world? Do you wonder how your faith could be relevant and make a difference in the marketplace? In the face of an indifferent or even hostile business climate, where are the emerging opportunities for believers in business to change the world?

Jubilee 2018

Darrin Grove — The Craft of Restorative Technology


Darrin Grove

How might we apply biblical principles to design and build new products that people love? Trust me, it’s more of a wild ride than a straight path. Experience the highs and lows of our entrepreneurial journey at a local software company.

Jubilee 2018

Theresa Miller — The Trouble with Truth


The Trouble with Truth
Theresa Miller

News outlets seem determined to douse rumors of fake news by declaring their commitment to truth and justice. In 2017, <em>The Washington Post</em> added, “Democracy Dies in Darkness” to its masthead. And <em>The New York Times</em> famously launched its “Truth is Hard” campaign, proclaiming, “The truth is hard to find. The truth is hard to know. The truth is more important now than ever.”<br><br> But what is truth? And will anyone do the work to figure it out, when 60% of those under 18 say they are overwhelmed by information, while 75% of millennials say they tune out the news? We’ll talk about how Christian journalists and communicators are called to serve as gatekeepers of truth, and we will consider how to meaningfully share that truth in an increasingly noisy world.

Jubilee 2018

Derek Melleby — Learning for the Love of God

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Learning for the Love of God
Derek Melleby

What does it look like to follow Jesus into the classroom? How do we love God with all of our minds? Does the Gospel make any difference in the way we approach our college years, particularly as it relates to our academic pursuits? Join us for a time of reflection and discussion as we explore these questions and think through practical ways to be faithful to our calling as students.

Jubilee 2018

Haejin Shim — Faith & Law

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Faith & Law
Haejin Shim

Explore the biblical mandate of seeking justice and reflect on the following questions: What does it mean to seek justice? How is seeking justice relevant to the work of lawyers today? What does seeking justice look like in the daily grind of a lawyer? How can we stay faithful to God’s call to our legal profession?

Jubilee 2018