Jon Hart | Redemptive Entrepreneurship


In a world full of brokenness, how might we use entrepreneurship and innovation as a way to solve problems, love our neighbors, and join God in renewing culture? Whether business, nonprofit, or social enterprise—and across all areas of culture (tech, education, medicine, the arts, etc.)—Redemptive Entrepreneurship is a framework that informs our why, what, and how. Whether you have big ambitions to start the next Instagram or social enterprise, launch a small business, whether you are a creative or artist, or you just want to learn how to be more entrepreneurial—this session is for you. Come for a journey of learning with Jon Hart, a partner at Praxis, which is a creative community of founders, investors, and innovators pursuing redemptive entrepreneurship in over 40 countries.

Antonio Morton — Daddy Deprivation


Daddy Deprivation

Antonio Morton

Father wounds go deep, and many of us have them. In this session, we will have a safe place to talk about the wounds from our fathers. Whether your father was absent, abusive, or aloof, those wounds are deep and need to be talked about. We will also talk about the fatherhood of God and see how this attribute gives strength to the fatherless child.

Jubilee 2018


Dan Mackett — Redeeming Power: How Justice is Woven into the Gospel


Redeeming Power: How Justice is Woven into the Gospel

Dan Mackett

Power is a sensitive issue that most of us don’t like having conversations about. But since power is a God-granted gift to His image bearers, it’s important for us to think about the Gospel’s implications on how it is used. Ever since the Fall, we have corrupted the way we use power. This corruption has severe consequences on Gods’ original plan—slavery being one of the worst byproducts. Slavery is the exploitation of one image-bearer for another’s own selfish gain. As we look to Christ on the cross, He teaches His followers how power can be redeemed and used to bring flourishing once again through the abolition of slavery—flourishing that will show the world there is a God who rescues, restores, and is perfectly just.

Jubilee 2018

Stephanie Summers — Can We Love Our Neighbors Through Politics?


Can We Love Our Neighbors Through Politics?

Stephanie Summers

Wish everything related to politics would disappear? Or are you feeling guilty for having sat on the sidelines while other people made decisions you’re concerned about? Have you thought about God’s purpose for politics? In this session, Center for Public Justice CEO Stephanie Summers will discuss God’s good intent for our political communities and how you can be part of loving your neighbors through politics.

Jubilee 2018

Eric Miller — Telling the Story of the World

[podcast] the Story of the World_j18 podcast.mp3[/podcast]

Telling the Story of the World

Eric Miller

Is belief decisive for the way we understand the past? Should it be? We will probe the surprisingly vexed relationship between how we see the world and how we tell its story. Within the contested terrain of the historical profession, Christian historians have, over the past 50 years, advanced an array of ideas that seek to make sense of the relationship between our fundamental beliefs and historical interpretation. We will examine these efforts and work toward a deepening understanding of a faithfully Christian way of exploring the past.

Jubilee 2018

Wendell Moss — Race and Trauma (Collective Trauma)

[podcast] and Trauma Collective Trauma_j18 podcast.mp3[/podcast]

Race and Trauma (Collective Trauma)

Wendell Moss

Trauma is often not considered when it comes to talking about the issue of race/racism. Trauma, commonly defined as a distressing and disturbing experience, invites us to consider deep-seeded effects that racism has had and no one has escaped! My hope is to help us understand and further explore how trauma is still present in each of us (collectively) as we try to engage the issue of race and racism. I believe growing in our understanding will affect both how we listen and engage with one another, resulting in more intentionality, compassion, and curiosity.

Jubilee 2018

Rick Whitlock — Wise People with Smart Phones

[podcast] People with Smart Phones_j18 podcast.mp3[/podcast]

Wise People with Smart Phones
Rick Whitlock

How are our smart phones changing us? And should we be concerned? As followers of Jesus, we should care about how the use of technology affects our hearts, minds, and actions. In this workshop, we’ll seek to build a theology of technology that reveals how God thinks about technology and how our use of technology is shaping us. We’ll develop practical ideas to discern what action steps we can take in order to live as whole-hearted disciples of Jesus in the digital age. We’ll seek to become wise people with smart phones.

Jubilee 2018

Louis Arnold — Black and Blue


Black and Blue

Louis Arnold

Hear from a police sergeant about his role as the Faith and Community Liaison for a city in the Midwest as he shares how his role in the Kingdom of God and serving a God of justice informs how he engages all members of the community that he has sworn to serve, protect, and redeem.

Jubilee 2018


Emily Bingham — A Vine, a Rock, and a Table: Stability of Heart in a World of Change


A Vine, a Rock, and a Table: Stability of Heart in a World of Change

Emily Bingham

They say change is the only constant in life—and college is chock full of it. Classes change, grades change, professors change, majors change, friends change, roommates change…you change. Change, for better or worse, is unavoidable. Our ever-changing lives appear in stark contrast to a God who is constant, steadfast, and reliable in every way. And perhaps they also clash with the many images we find in Scripture that teach us about the importance of stability in the Christian life. Let’s dig into some of these images together and explore how we might cultivate what some monastic communities call “stability of heart”—even in the midst of busy lives full of change.

Jubilee 2018

David Strunk — Exploring Vocational Ministry


Exploring Vocational Ministry

David Strunk

How do you know if you are called to ministry? What does vocational ministry look like inside the church and outside it? What are the benefits and drawbacks to vocational ministry? This workshop will help students explore these questions and more during our time together. While God desires His sovereign care of the world to come through all manner of professions, this workshop will look at the joys, privileges, and duties of vocational ministry.

Jubilee 2018

Prayer: You Can Do It — Scott Erickson and Justin McRoberts


Prayer: You Can Do It

Scott Erickson and Justin McRoberts

We pray because we’re human, not because we’re religious. Using stories from their own processes, visual art, music, and a few surprises, Scott and Justin will help you sift through the oddities and struggles often experienced in the practice of prayer.

Jubilee 2018

Jared Cave — Longing for Home


Longing for Home

Jared Cave

From Creation to Restoration, God is concerned with making a home for us and making His home among us. Whether we live on the streets or in a mansion, we are all experiencing our own sense of homelessness. Together we will define what home is for us and share the ways we find ourselves homeless in this world. We will end with a discussion on how we can show the world what a true home looks like.

Jubilee 2018

Danielle Strickland — Infinitum: A Way of Life


Infinitum: A Way of Life

Danielle Strickland

Infinitum is a practice for those who follow Jesus and choose to live lives of love. It’s not about joining something, it’s about having tools and rhythms to live this out in your context and your community. This session will be about Danielle’s own personal journey of boundless salvation as she has made surrender, generosity, and mission the foundations of her discipleship and the difference it’s made in her relationship with Jesus. This session is about ways in which infinitum as a practice might re-invigorate your faith.

Jubilee 2018

Porter Harlow — Christians & Military Service


Christians & Military Service

Porter Harlow

What does the Bible say about Christians and military service? Quite a bit. This session will look at why Christians might feel called to military service, using Scripture and the just war tradition as a guide. Porter Harlow is a recently retired Marine Officer who can answer questions about the opportunities and challenges faced by Christians serving today in the U.S. military.

Jubilee 2018

Gene Twilley — How can God know? Meditations on Psalm 73


How can God know? Meditations on Psalm 73

Gene Twilley

How do we enter into life’s difficult situations? What does it look like to live in a posture of faithfulness when you’re frustrated with the direction God seems to be leading you, or even God himself? When I graduated college, it took me three months to find a job—at the front desk of a hotel. Within five months of graduation, my dad passed away. Within close to a year, I had an estranged relationship with my sister, one of my groomsmen was dying of lymphoma, and my wife was hospitalized with an undiagnosed sickness after we had traveled to South Korea. In the midst of pain and struggle, we might ask whether or not God knows what He’s doing or if He’s even there. We’re in good company; one psalmist wondered the same thing. This workshop will consider what it looks like to try to persevere through difficulties while reflecting on Psalm 73 in the hope that, “Truly God is Good…”

Jubilee 2018

Kate Harris — Calling and Constraint: Toward a Fuller Understanding of Vocation


Calling and Constraint: Toward a Fuller Understanding of Vocation

Kate Harris

Conversation about vocation often centers around our potential and our gifts, but what about the other mundane responsibilities and less-than-ideal situations God also invites us to steward as part of a faithful life? This session will offer a comprehensive and distinctively Christian view of vocation that is anchored in central doctrines of the faith. We will work to make sense of how limitations and grief may also be a part of how God desires to use us in and through our vocations.

Jubilee 2018


Phil Van Sickel — Lean and agile, how to thrive in the new enterprise


Lean and agile, how to thrive in the new enterprise

Phil Van Sickel

Lean has moved from the plant floor into the front office. Agile is revolutionizing how IT functions. Businesses are now finding that the underlying principles that drive lean and agile can be applied to any process and all departments. This is because it is a better way of working and accomplishing results. The breakthrough has been the understanding of the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers and the development of servant leadership as the necessary management style. In the end, it is about building highly effective teams, teams that energize their members and achieve results that could never be achieved by the sum of the individuals.

Jubilee 2018


Esau McCaulley — Toward a New Testament Theology of Policing


Toward a New Testament Theology of Policing

Esau McCaulley

One of the more pressing questions for the Black Christian today is the relationship between us and those entrusted with the task of serving and protecting our communities. This talk will show that the New Testament speaks to how the state should treat its people. First, we will look at the much-maligned Romans 13:1–7 passage, where Paul contends that the government should not be a source of fear to the innocent and should only punish the guilty. Therefore, Black Christians are on firm biblical ground when we long to lives free of fear. We’ll also turn to John the Baptist’s words to the soldiers in Luke 3:14. Given the overlap between policing and soldering in his day, his protest against corruption stands as an important testimony.

Jubilee 2018


John McElwain & Beth Walker — Living with Depression and Anxiety


Living with Depression and Anxiety

John McElwain & Beth Walker

More than 50 million links come up when “fighting depression as a Christian” is typed into Google, and more than 30 million for “signs of depression in college students.” To say that depression and anxiety are problems is an understatement. These area mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional issues that need a balanced, gracious approach. Looking at ourselves as whole people, we will share real-life stories of our own struggles and how God has worked through them, look at how Scripture encourages us to approach seasons of darkness, and talk about practical ways to live with and through depression. If we are rooted in hope in Christ, depression has the opportunity to shape us more into the image of our coming King.

Jubilee 2018

Maya Alston & Floresha Smith — How Faith Impacts the Vocation of Teaching


How Faith Impacts the Vocation of Teaching
Maya Alston & Floresha Smith

We believe that we work for God, as well as for schools and students. As a result, we are motivated to teach with excellence and display the highest degree of character and professionalism. We are to be servants of our schools, administrators, students, and families, willingly moving into places of need in ways that display the grace and goodness of our God.

Jubilee 2018

Tim Sweet — When Your Faith Means Business: Cultivating a Mindset for Redemptive Impact

[podcast] your faith means business_mixdown.mp3[/podcast]

When Your Faith Means Business: Cultivating a Mindset for Redemptive Impact
Tim Sweet

Do you feel called to the business world? Do you wonder how your faith could be relevant and make a difference in the marketplace? In the face of an indifferent or even hostile business climate, where are the emerging opportunities for believers in business to change the world?

Jubilee 2018

Darrin Grove — The Craft of Restorative Technology


Darrin Grove

How might we apply biblical principles to design and build new products that people love? Trust me, it’s more of a wild ride than a straight path. Experience the highs and lows of our entrepreneurial journey at a local software company.

Jubilee 2018

Theresa Miller — The Trouble with Truth


The Trouble with Truth
Theresa Miller

News outlets seem determined to douse rumors of fake news by declaring their commitment to truth and justice. In 2017, <em>The Washington Post</em> added, “Democracy Dies in Darkness” to its masthead. And <em>The New York Times</em> famously launched its “Truth is Hard” campaign, proclaiming, “The truth is hard to find. The truth is hard to know. The truth is more important now than ever.”<br><br> But what is truth? And will anyone do the work to figure it out, when 60% of those under 18 say they are overwhelmed by information, while 75% of millennials say they tune out the news? We’ll talk about how Christian journalists and communicators are called to serve as gatekeepers of truth, and we will consider how to meaningfully share that truth in an increasingly noisy world.

Jubilee 2018

Sarah Chace — Nursing: The Reality of Healthcare in a Fallen World

Nursing: The Reality of Healthcare in a Fallen World
Sarah Chace

What does it mean to be a nurse? What does it mean to step into life-changing and vulnerable moments in patients’ lives? How do you “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind” in a fallen world and a broken system? Whether you’re a freshman just starting out or a senior finishing up your clinicals, join us for honest discussion and practical thoughts on living out your faith in your field.

Jubilee 2018

Derek Melleby — Learning for the Love of God

[podcast] for the Love of God_j18 podcast.mp3[/podcast]

Learning for the Love of God
Derek Melleby

What does it look like to follow Jesus into the classroom? How do we love God with all of our minds? Does the Gospel make any difference in the way we approach our college years, particularly as it relates to our academic pursuits? Join us for a time of reflection and discussion as we explore these questions and think through practical ways to be faithful to our calling as students.

Jubilee 2018

CPJ – Jubilee 2017


Can We Love Our Neighbors Through Politics? (Sho Baraka, Michael Gerson, Stephanie Summers, Katie Thompson, Michael Wear) Following one of the most divisive election years ever, many Christians are wondering if being politically engaged is something God’s people should do. Join the conversation with our panelists about why our citizenship matters—to God and for our neighbors.

Nena Ugwuomo – Jubilee 2016


What’s Your Student Dream? Launching Companies for the Glory of God – “Why am I here?” This is a question we all ponder. When we embrace the truth that we bear the image and likeness of a God who, among many roles, owns that of Creator, we discover the bedrock of purpose, entrepreneurship, and innovation that has the potential to transform lives, communities, and everything we put our hand to do. Let’s spend a vivacious hour answering these questions: What dream or idea is burning in my heart? Why in the world would this matter to God? Where do I start? We will explore the adventure and framework for breathing life into ideas by the power of God, love of our neighbor, and desired glory of His name. What’s your student dream?

Scott Erickson and Justin McRoberts – Jubilee 2016


Prayer: A Human Practice – We pray because we are human, not because we are religious. During this time together, we will examine the language and imagery of prayer, and then explore our own ways of creating such things for our own practice.

Mark Steffey – Jubilee 2016


Transferable Training: Using Athletic Models to Transform the Way You Approach Christian Growth – Collegiate student athletes spend thousands of hours training their bodies for competition. Whether lifting weights, eating the right foods, or improving their cardio system, they know what it takes to make progress in physical performance through a rigorous training regimen. This workshop will explore how student athletes can transfer the best of what they know about athletic training to help them grow in their Christian journey.

Jon Hart (Storytelling) – Jubilee 2016


Redeeming the Gift of Storytelling – “Whoever tells the best story shapes the culture.” From film, music, and art, to business, nonprofits, politics, and technology, story profoundly shapes the world around us. But we often see story used in ways that make us cringe. How do we—as image bearers and co-creators—claim our role as storytellers to tell an alternative narrative? Jon Hart has experience helping dozens of entrepreneurs tell their story, starting a photography and story-driven nonprofit, and executive producing a film, and he will share his unique perspective on excellence in storytelling. Whether you’re interested in story for creative expression, pitching a new business or nonprofit idea, getting a new job, or any other reason, join us to discuss storytelling from a Gospel point of view.

Bethany Jenkins – Jubilee 2016


Don’t Follow Your Passion – The main rubric by which most of us measure what job or vocation we should pursue is passion, but the passion hypothesis is flawed. Is there another way to discover our calling? In this workshop, we explore “the craftsman mindset” and how it offers a truer and better alternative.

Ben Burkholder – Jubilee 2016


Finding Hope Despite Reasons for Despair – The presence of evil and suffering in our world can turn optimists into cynics. Not only is sin and moral evil evident in the world around us, it is also our own personal problem, plaguing our own desires to live in relationship with others. Is there a reason to hope for something different? Or should we just accept the cold, austere realities of our world as the way life really is? Rather than letting despair gain the victory, we will talk about why, even in spite of the reasons for despair, we can dare to hope. We will explore the Christian virtue of hope by defining how it differs from popular conceptions of hope, identifying why the Christian worldview provides unique reasons for hope, and exploring what it looks like to live a life shaped by this oft-neglected but quintessential virtue.

Alex Medina – Jubilee 2016


Good and Pleasing: A Christian’s Creative and Cultural Journey – What is the role of a Christian in the arts? How do we engage non-Christian work? Do we do art for the church or from the church? These are just a few of the questions we ask ourselves and, many times, we find so few answers. We will explore a way forward in a Christian’s journey into creative and cultural spaces and how our faith can free us to lead the charge in making new, good, and pleasing things, until all things are made new.

Ricky Staub – Jubilee 2016


Entrepreneurship and Mission – Ricky Staub is Founder & Chief Creative Director of Neighborhood Film Company Every year, Neighborhood hires three formerly incarcerated adults for an eight-month paid apprenticeship. Apprentices work on real jobs with real clients, training to be high-level project coordinators gaining a diversity of skills that transfer into many different career opportunities. This session will walk you through starting a company with a missional component, pros and cons of running a mission-based business, and how Ricky has used his faith to influence his employees’ work and culture.

Jamie Donne – Jubilee 2016


What I Learned From Cityscapes, Farmers’ Markets, & Jesus: A Theology of Place – The Garden of Eden, Abraham in Canaan, Jacob finding haven in Goshen of Egypt, the Promised Land of Israelites, the City of David—the story of God always includes places alongside of the people and promises of God. Even in a place of exile, the people of God were told to plant gardens and cultivate the land. Scripture tells the story of God with the backdrop of place. And the same is true for you and me. The neighborhoods and cities in which we live are significant pieces of our stories. We will discuss how loving where we live creates a context to encounter the abundant life God has for us.

Center for Public Justice – Jubilee 2016


How to Be a Christian in An Election Year (and Not Hate Everyone) – Do you find yourself wishing that political campaigns would disappear? Do you wonder how Christians are supposed to engage in something that seems so corrupt and broken? Does your vote even matter? How can you talk politics with people who don’t see things the way you do? If these are your questions, we’ve got answers, from a panel of committed partisans and independents.

Audrey Murrell – Jubilee 2016


Tests, Trials, Leadership, and Life – This talk explores the purpose of obstacles, challenges, trials, and tests in our lives and how God uses them to develop, equip, and prepare us for life and for leadership. We explore key principles of what God is trying to accomplish in making us His “Tested Mortar” in order to understand better how we are strengthened through trial and not easily broken.

Jon Hart (Entrepreneurship) – Jubilee 2016


Entrepreneurship: A Blank Canvas for Cultural Impact – From Snapchat and Instagram to Uber and AirBnb, Reach Records, Teach for America, TOMS, and Krochet Kids—entrepreneurs play a critical role in forming how we as a society think, what we value, and who we are as humans. According to the Kauffman Foundation, 54% of Millennials want to start, or help start, a new venture. So what’s all the hype about? And how do we, as followers of Christ, engage in this sphere? Hear from Jon Hart, from Praxis—a faith-motivated Venture Group with a portfolio of over 80 ventures, including businesses, nonprofits, and social enterprises. He will give a unique perspective on redemptive startups that are re-imagining culture with Christ at the center.

David Kinnaman – Jubilee 2016


Love God with Your Mind: Being Faithful in the Social Sciences – In this session, you will learn more about faithfully following your calling in the social sciences—whether psychology, sociology, research, communications, or political science. Those interested in business, engineering, statistics, accounting, and others are welcome, too! David Kinnaman is the author of unChristian and You Lost Me and creator of the brandnew FRAMES short books, and he is a huge fan of Jubilee and the awesome questions students ask. He describes important books to read, people to know, and habits to cultivate. Come ready to learn, ask hard questions, and have fun—and maybe get some insights to the question, “What am I going to do with this degree?”

Derek Melleby – Jubilee 2016


Learning for the Love of God – What does it look like to follow Jesus into the classroom? How do we love God with all of our minds? Does the Gospel make any difference in the way we approach our college years, particularly as it relates to our academic pursuits? Listen as we explore these questions and think through practical ways to be faithful to our calling as students.

Steven Garber – Jubilee 2016


Common Grace for the Common Good – Can we know the world, and still love the world? It is the most difficult of all questions, and always has been. In the Information Age of the 21st century, the world of “info-glut,” most of the time we feel overwhelmed by what we know, and we slip into cynicism and stoicism, protecting our hearts from the implications of what we know. The Hebrew and Christian vision of learning calls us to connect what we know with the way we live, our knowledge with responsibility. To know the world—of biology and physics, history and literature, philosophy and psychology, engineering and computer science, business and communications—and to love the world is the very reason for being a student, tasked with learning to learn about things that matter to God and the world. When we see our studies this way, we see the work of student as a vocation. This talk tells stories of good people who have learned to learn this way, and whose lives are windows into what it means to be common grace for the common good.

Brian Bantum – Jubilee 2016


College and the Diversity of God’s Kingdom – Protests have erupted not only in the streets of American cities, but also in classrooms and the offices of university presidents. This talk addresses the challenges people of color face on college campuses and how universities can become more just and diverse spaces that are homes to all of their students.

David Kinnaman


Partnering with Jesus to make all things new.
David Kinnaman’s main session message from Jubilee 2016.

Alex Medina – Jubilee 2016


There is no divide between “sacred and secular”.
Alex Medina’s main session message from Jubilee 2016.

Jon Hart – Jubilee 2016


Entrepreneurship for the sake of the Gospel.
Jon Hart’s main session message from Jubilee 2016.

Jena Lee Nardella – Jubilee 2016


“The work of healing and redeeming a broken world belongs to God.”
Jena Lee Nardella’s main session message from Jubilee 2016.

Rufus Smith – Jubilee 2016


Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
Rufus Smith’s main session message from Jubilee 2016.

Gabe Lyons – Jubilee 2016


Listen to Gabe Lyons encouraging college students to live faithfully in a culture that seems increasingly hostile to the Christian faith.​ Gabe is founder of Q Ideas and coauthor with David Kinnaman of the bestselling book, unChristian, and their new release, Good Faith: Being a Christian When Society Thinks You’re Irrelevant and Extreme.

Erica Young Reitz — Jubilee 2016



Life After College

The transition from college to the next phase is arguably one of the most difficult transitions you will make up to this point in your life. Find out some of the top issues post-graduates face and how you can best prepare to live as faithful Christ-followers in the “real world.”

Susan Puhala and Todd Wahrenberger – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] Mind and Spirit Healing_Susan Puhala and Todd Wahrenberger_update_j15_podcast.mp3[/podcast]

Body, Mind, and Spirit Healing- Lessons Learned on the Road:

Todd and Sue will share their journey in birthing an integrated primary care practice that seeks to provide high-quality, person-centered, and team-based care to patients with severe mental illness in Pittsburgh’s inner city. They will share how they’ve been shaped by the gospel vision of healing in the Kingdom of God and how they try to implement this vision in creatively serving people—mind, body, and spirit.

Erica Young Reitz – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] After College_Erica Young Rei 1.mp3[/podcast]

Life After College: Preparing for the Transition Ahead

The transition from college to the next phase of life is arguably one of the most difficult transitions you will make up to this point in your life. In this session, we will address some of the top issues post-graduates face and how you can best prepare to live as faithful Christ-followers in the “real world.”

Jon Hart – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] Alternative Imagination_Jon Hart_.mp3[/podcast]

An Alternative Imagination: Faith that changes creativity and the ideas we pursue

“The future of culture depends largely on the next generation of entrepreneurs.” Entrepreneurship is a blank canvas on which we— image-bearers with renewed hearts, minds, and imaginations—can create new ventures that join God in His plan of renewal and contribute to the flourishing of all people. We’ll share about inspiring nonprofits, social enterprises, and businesses led by entrepreneurs with a deep faith who are shaping the world for good. Perhaps you dream of starting the next Google, IJM, or Instagram—or of creating art, music, and film. Or maybe you’re just interested in startups. We welcome students from all majors to this workshop.

Michael Wear – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] Diversity Politics and Following Christ in America_Wear_j15_podcast.mp3[/podcast]

Religious Diversity, Politics and Following Christ in 21st Century America:

Over the last several decades, the American religious and political landscape has changed drastically, leaving Christians to answer new questions and face new challenges. What does it look like to be faithful in 21st century America? What kind of public leadership, from each one of us, is necessary if we are to truly love our neighbor and seek the welfare of the nation where God has placed us? As someone who has navigated faith and public life at the highest levels—working for the President of the United States and partnering with some of the American church’s most effective leaders—Michael Wear will share some of the lessons he has learned, provide some ideas for the way forward, and engage the audience in an open conversation.

Bryson Vogeltanz – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] Whatever_VogeltanzUpdated_j15_podcast.mp3[/podcast]


What does it actually mean to be in full-time ministry? Are you thinking about full-time ministry vs. full-time something else? Still not sure about what are you want to do after college? Come and hear about how you can leverage your life for a story much bigger than yourself. Live for whatever!

Amena Brown – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] to Become a Full Time Artist update_Amena Brown_j15_podcast.mp3[/podcast]

How to Become a Full-Time Artist:

Want to know how to turn your creative passion or art into a vocation? As a full-time artist, Amena discusses how to avoid potential pitfalls and put action to your artistic dreams.

Justin McElhattan – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] God at Work update_Mcelhatten_j15_podcast.mp3[/podcast]

Honoring God at Work: Lessons Along the Way:

Justin McElhattan, president and CEO of Industrial Scientific, discusses his experiences and lessons learned while trying to honor God in a global business environment.

Sean Purcell and the Trades Panel – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] Jesus While Making Fixing Selling Thing_Trades Panel_j15_podcast.mp3[/podcast]

Following Jesus while making, fixing and selling things:

Many of us know that Jesus was a carpenter. But how often do we think about the significance of the human ability to make and fix things? This session will explore what it looks like to spend a life serving God in the skilled trades. We will have a guided panel discussion with people who are engaged with fixing and making things in God’s world in order to hear firsthand how the Gospel influences their work. This session is open to anyone interested in the skilled trades, manufacturing, or small artisanal businesses.

Todd Allen and Ms. Rutha Harris – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] in Courage with Ms Rutha Harris update_Allen_j15_podcast.mp3[/podcast]

Conversations in Courage: An Interview with Ms. Rutha Harris:

Ms. Rutha Harris, a native of Albany, Georgia, is one of the original SNCC Freedom Singers. Founded during the Albany Movement, the Freedom Singers traveled throughout the nation spreading the story of the Civil Rights Movement in song. During this interactive session, you will not only hear stories of the movement, but learn the backstory of many of the key songs as well. join in to lift your voices in song as you experience history like never before.

Cross Cultural Panel – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] Cultural Panel_Living in a Post Ferguson World_j15_podcast.mp3[/podcast]

Living in a Post-Ferguson World:

Is there hope for reconciliation in a post Ferguson world? How do we as Christians move forward in light of the recent episodes in Ferguson and New York City?  This break out will be a conversation through a moderated panel featuring Jubilee Cross Cultural speakers: Christena Cleveland, Scott Hwang, and Ricardo Tavares. This panel seeks to move out beyond divisive rhetoric, and into peacemaking with active steps toward healing and true justice. Listen and explore the character and calling required for the ministry of reconciliation.

Center for Public Justice – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] Christ and Doing Politics_CPJ_j15_podcast.mp3[/podcast]

Confessing Christ and Doing Politics:

Often we may wonder whether those in government are there to serve others or themselves. Yet we know Scripture calls all those in politics and government to do justice to all people. Our panel explores what this call to do justice means in practice, hearing from a former Obama White House and campaign staffer and a former Chief of Staff to a Republican Senator. Listen as we explore Confessing Christ and Doing Politics. Sponsored by the Center for Public Justice.

Erica Young Reitz – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] After College_Erica Young Reitz_j15_podcast.mp3[/podcast]

Life After College: Preparing for the Transition Ahead

The transition from college to the next phase of life is arguably one of the most difficult transitions you will make up to this point in your life. In this session, we will address some of the top issues post-graduates face and how you can best prepare to live as faithful Christ-followers in the “real world.”

Derek Melleby – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] for the Love of God_Melleby_j15_podcast.mp3[/podcast]

Learning for the Love of God:

What does it look like to follow Jesus into the classroom? How do we love God with all of our minds? Does the Gospel make any difference in the way we approach our college years, particularly as it relates to our academic pursuits? Listen for a time of discussion and reflection as we explore these questions and think through practical ways to be faithful to our calling as students.

Curt Thompson – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] Soul of Shame Retelling the Stories we Believe about Ourselves_Thompson_j15_podcast.mp3[/podcast]

The Soul of Shame: (Re)Telling the Stories we Believe About Ourselves:

It’s everywhere. There is no relationship or vocational endeavor that it does not infect. It is evil’s weapon of choice in dismantling every effort toward goodness and beauty. From the classroom to the boardroom, from the residence hall to the halls of power and higher learning. It seeks to destroy—as it has from the beginning—all that God intends for the world to be. What is the essence of shame? How does it work to devour us and disintegrate the mind along the way? How do we realize healing from this dark experience of our lives? And how does that very healing lead to vocational liberation and creativity, the likes of which we otherwise may never know?

Bobbi Perkins – Jubilee 2015

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Basic Christianity:

Christianity is so grand that the most sophisticated minds cannot fully comprehend it, but so clear that children can grasp it. During this workshop, we will focus on the basics of Christianity—the things we can grasp—and explore how those affect everything else.

Saleem Ghubril – Jubilee 2015

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Luke 4: The Spirit of the Lord is on me, has anointed me, and has sent me. Salem Ghubril’s main session message from Jubilee 2015.

J. Richard Middleton – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] Richard Middleton_j15_podcast.mp3[/podcast]

Restoration: The destiny of God’s good creation. J. Richard Middleton’s main session message from Jubilee 2015. *Note, there is audio degradation from 19:50 to 20:55 of this video.
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Jeremy Courtney – Jubilee 2015

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Preemptive Love: pursuing peace and God’s redemptive love. Jeremy Courtney’s main session message from Jubilee 2015.

Jamie Tworkowski – Jubilee 2015

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To Write Love on Her Arms: “you are not alone in this life.” Jamie Tworkowski’s main session message from Jubilee 2015.