Curt Thompson – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] Soul of Shame Retelling the Stories we Believe about Ourselves_Thompson_j15_podcast.mp3[/podcast]

The Soul of Shame: (Re)Telling the Stories we Believe About Ourselves:

It’s everywhere. There is no relationship or vocational endeavor that it does not infect. It is evil’s weapon of choice in dismantling every effort toward goodness and beauty. From the classroom to the boardroom, from the residence hall to the halls of power and higher learning. It seeks to destroy—as it has from the beginning—all that God intends for the world to be. What is the essence of shame? How does it work to devour us and disintegrate the mind along the way? How do we realize healing from this dark experience of our lives? And how does that very healing lead to vocational liberation and creativity, the likes of which we otherwise may never know?

Bobbi Perkins – Jubilee 2015

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Basic Christianity:

Christianity is so grand that the most sophisticated minds cannot fully comprehend it, but so clear that children can grasp it. During this workshop, we will focus on the basics of Christianity—the things we can grasp—and explore how those affect everything else.

Saleem Ghubril – Jubilee 2015

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Luke 4: The Spirit of the Lord is on me, has anointed me, and has sent me. Salem Ghubril’s main session message from Jubilee 2015.

J. Richard Middleton – Jubilee 2015

[podcast] Richard Middleton_j15_podcast.mp3[/podcast]

Restoration: The destiny of God’s good creation. J. Richard Middleton’s main session message from Jubilee 2015. *Note, there is audio degradation from 19:50 to 20:55 of this video.
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