Cross Cultural Panel – Jubilee 2015

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Living in a Post-Ferguson World:

Is there hope for reconciliation in a post Ferguson world? How do we as Christians move forward in light of the recent episodes in Ferguson and New York City?  This break out will be a conversation through a moderated panel featuring Jubilee Cross Cultural speakers: Christena Cleveland, Scott Hwang, and Ricardo Tavares. This panel seeks to move out beyond divisive rhetoric, and into peacemaking with active steps toward healing and true justice. Listen and explore the character and calling required for the ministry of reconciliation.

Center for Public Justice – Jubilee 2015

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Confessing Christ and Doing Politics:

Often we may wonder whether those in government are there to serve others or themselves. Yet we know Scripture calls all those in politics and government to do justice to all people. Our panel explores what this call to do justice means in practice, hearing from a former Obama White House and campaign staffer and a former Chief of Staff to a Republican Senator. Listen as we explore Confessing Christ and Doing Politics. Sponsored by the Center for Public Justice.

Erica Young Reitz – Jubilee 2015

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Life After College: Preparing for the Transition Ahead

The transition from college to the next phase of life is arguably one of the most difficult transitions you will make up to this point in your life. In this session, we will address some of the top issues post-graduates face and how you can best prepare to live as faithful Christ-followers in the “real world.”

Derek Melleby – Jubilee 2015

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Learning for the Love of God:

What does it look like to follow Jesus into the classroom? How do we love God with all of our minds? Does the Gospel make any difference in the way we approach our college years, particularly as it relates to our academic pursuits? Listen for a time of discussion and reflection as we explore these questions and think through practical ways to be faithful to our calling as students.