Erica Young Reitz – Jubilee 2015

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Life After College: Preparing for the Transition Ahead

The transition from college to the next phase of life is arguably one of the most difficult transitions you will make up to this point in your life. In this session, we will address some of the top issues post-graduates face and how you can best prepare to live as faithful Christ-followers in the “real world.”

Jon Hart – Jubilee 2015

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An Alternative Imagination: Faith that changes creativity and the ideas we pursue

“The future of culture depends largely on the next generation of entrepreneurs.” Entrepreneurship is a blank canvas on which we— image-bearers with renewed hearts, minds, and imaginations—can create new ventures that join God in His plan of renewal and contribute to the flourishing of all people. We’ll share about inspiring nonprofits, social enterprises, and businesses led by entrepreneurs with a deep faith who are shaping the world for good. Perhaps you dream of starting the next Google, IJM, or Instagram—or of creating art, music, and film. Or maybe you’re just interested in startups. We welcome students from all majors to this workshop.

Michael Wear – Jubilee 2015

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Religious Diversity, Politics and Following Christ in 21st Century America:

Over the last several decades, the American religious and political landscape has changed drastically, leaving Christians to answer new questions and face new challenges. What does it look like to be faithful in 21st century America? What kind of public leadership, from each one of us, is necessary if we are to truly love our neighbor and seek the welfare of the nation where God has placed us? As someone who has navigated faith and public life at the highest levels—working for the President of the United States and partnering with some of the American church’s most effective leaders—Michael Wear will share some of the lessons he has learned, provide some ideas for the way forward, and engage the audience in an open conversation.

Bryson Vogeltanz – Jubilee 2015

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What does it actually mean to be in full-time ministry? Are you thinking about full-time ministry vs. full-time something else? Still not sure about what are you want to do after college? Come and hear about how you can leverage your life for a story much bigger than yourself. Live for whatever!

Amena Brown – Jubilee 2015

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How to Become a Full-Time Artist:

Want to know how to turn your creative passion or art into a vocation? As a full-time artist, Amena discusses how to avoid potential pitfalls and put action to your artistic dreams.