Porter Harlow — Christians & Military Service


Christians & Military Service

Porter Harlow

What does the Bible say about Christians and military service? Quite a bit. This session will look at why Christians might feel called to military service, using Scripture and the just war tradition as a guide. Porter Harlow is a recently retired Marine Officer who can answer questions about the opportunities and challenges faced by Christians serving today in the U.S. military.

Jubilee 2018

Gene Twilley — How can God know? Meditations on Psalm 73


How can God know? Meditations on Psalm 73

Gene Twilley

How do we enter into life’s difficult situations? What does it look like to live in a posture of faithfulness when you’re frustrated with the direction God seems to be leading you, or even God himself? When I graduated college, it took me three months to find a job—at the front desk of a hotel. Within five months of graduation, my dad passed away. Within close to a year, I had an estranged relationship with my sister, one of my groomsmen was dying of lymphoma, and my wife was hospitalized with an undiagnosed sickness after we had traveled to South Korea. In the midst of pain and struggle, we might ask whether or not God knows what He’s doing or if He’s even there. We’re in good company; one psalmist wondered the same thing. This workshop will consider what it looks like to try to persevere through difficulties while reflecting on Psalm 73 in the hope that, “Truly God is Good…”

Jubilee 2018

Michael S. Chen & Panel — What does it mean to be white?

[podcast]http://www.podcast.ccojubilee.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Panel_What Does it Mean to be White_Examining the Role of Cultural Identity in the Work of Racial Reconciliation_j18 podcast.mp3[/podcast]

What does it mean to be white? Examining the role of cultural identity in the work of racial reconciliation

Michael S. Chen, Rachael Clinton, Billy Riley & Michael Thornhill

In the broader conversation of race issues, little space has been created for white students to explore how their own race factors into the role they play in racial reconciliation. This workshop will explore the question of white racial identity in America and how Christians understand that aspect of identity in light of the Gospel. By examining Scripture, the history of race relations in America, and other stories, we will seek to understand the role of white Americans in the process of racial reconciliation today. We will explore frameworks for entering into, with humility, the often polarizing conversations that remain entrenched in defensiveness, detachment, complacency, or even victimhood.

Jubilee 2018

Kate Harris — Calling and Constraint: Toward a Fuller Understanding of Vocation


Calling and Constraint: Toward a Fuller Understanding of Vocation

Kate Harris

Conversation about vocation often centers around our potential and our gifts, but what about the other mundane responsibilities and less-than-ideal situations God also invites us to steward as part of a faithful life? This session will offer a comprehensive and distinctively Christian view of vocation that is anchored in central doctrines of the faith. We will work to make sense of how limitations and grief may also be a part of how God desires to use us in and through our vocations.

Jubilee 2018


Phil Van Sickel — Lean and agile, how to thrive in the new enterprise


Lean and agile, how to thrive in the new enterprise

Phil Van Sickel

Lean has moved from the plant floor into the front office. Agile is revolutionizing how IT functions. Businesses are now finding that the underlying principles that drive lean and agile can be applied to any process and all departments. This is because it is a better way of working and accomplishing results. The breakthrough has been the understanding of the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers and the development of servant leadership as the necessary management style. In the end, it is about building highly effective teams, teams that energize their members and achieve results that could never be achieved by the sum of the individuals.

Jubilee 2018