Louis Arnold & Panel — Justice That Restores: Christians and Criminal Justice Reform

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Justice That Restores: Christians and Criminal Justice Reform

Louis Arnold, Jeremiah Mosteller, Eugene Schneeberg, Katie Thompson

The United States incarcerates more men and women each year than any other country on Earth. The criminal justice system is often described as broken and is plagued by vast racial disparities and other systemic injustices. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree that reform is needed. In this workshop, an expert panel will discuss the factors that have contributed to the current state of the criminal justice system and will explore the role of the government, the Church, and other civil society organizations in seeking innovative reforms that lead to restoration and flourishing.

Jubilee 2018


Prayer: You Can Do It — Scott Erickson and Justin McRoberts


Prayer: You Can Do It

Scott Erickson and Justin McRoberts

We pray because we’re human, not because we’re religious. Using stories from their own processes, visual art, music, and a few surprises, Scott and Justin will help you sift through the oddities and struggles often experienced in the practice of prayer.

Jubilee 2018

Jared Cave — Longing for Home


Longing for Home

Jared Cave

From Creation to Restoration, God is concerned with making a home for us and making His home among us. Whether we live on the streets or in a mansion, we are all experiencing our own sense of homelessness. Together we will define what home is for us and share the ways we find ourselves homeless in this world. We will end with a discussion on how we can show the world what a true home looks like.

Jubilee 2018

Danielle Strickland — Infinitum: A Way of Life


Infinitum: A Way of Life

Danielle Strickland

Infinitum is a practice for those who follow Jesus and choose to live lives of love. It’s not about joining something, it’s about having tools and rhythms to live this out in your context and your community. This session will be about Danielle’s own personal journey of boundless salvation as she has made surrender, generosity, and mission the foundations of her discipleship and the difference it’s made in her relationship with Jesus. This session is about ways in which infinitum as a practice might re-invigorate your faith.

Jubilee 2018