Emily Bingham — A Vine, a Rock, and a Table: Stability of Heart in a World of Change


A Vine, a Rock, and a Table: Stability of Heart in a World of Change

Emily Bingham

They say change is the only constant in life—and college is chock full of it. Classes change, grades change, professors change, majors change, friends change, roommates change…you change. Change, for better or worse, is unavoidable. Our ever-changing lives appear in stark contrast to a God who is constant, steadfast, and reliable in every way. And perhaps they also clash with the many images we find in Scripture that teach us about the importance of stability in the Christian life. Let’s dig into some of these images together and explore how we might cultivate what some monastic communities call “stability of heart”—even in the midst of busy lives full of change.

Jubilee 2018

David Strunk — Exploring Vocational Ministry


Exploring Vocational Ministry

David Strunk

How do you know if you are called to ministry? What does vocational ministry look like inside the church and outside it? What are the benefits and drawbacks to vocational ministry? This workshop will help students explore these questions and more during our time together. While God desires His sovereign care of the world to come through all manner of professions, this workshop will look at the joys, privileges, and duties of vocational ministry.

Jubilee 2018

Rachael Clinton — Trauma & Grace


Trauma & Grace: Engaging the heartache and disorder of living in a fallen world

Rachael Clinton

We all have stories of pain and heartache that have shaped us, stories that range from seemingly minor to those that are deeply traumatic and bring a kind of shattering. How do we make sense of these painful stories as followers of Jesus? What does healing look like, especially if what’s left in the wake is anxiety, depression, despair, and other symptoms of PTSD?

Jubilee 2018

Dan Terracciano — Getting up with Jesus


Getting up with Jesus

Dan Terracciano

How do I have an effective quiet time? Is it even that important? I mean, the Bible doesn’t require it! Yet, a healthy devotional life is one of the ways in which we grow to love Jesus intimately. But “doing devotions” often feels like stale religious routine and can feel empty. Not to mention the fact that it is incredibly difficult to find time for God–especially during college. In this workshop, we’ll get into the Scriptures together. We’ll explore the importance of a robust devotional life and we will talk about practical ways to have meaningful time with God as we actually practice together! This workshop is for the young and experienced Christian alike.

Jubilee 2018