Stephanie Summers — Can We Love Our Neighbors Through Politics?


Can We Love Our Neighbors Through Politics?

Stephanie Summers

Wish everything related to politics would disappear? Or are you feeling guilty for having sat on the sidelines while other people made decisions you’re concerned about? Have you thought about God’s purpose for politics? In this session, Center for Public Justice CEO Stephanie Summers will discuss God’s good intent for our political communities and how you can be part of loving your neighbors through politics.

Jubilee 2018

Eric Miller — Telling the Story of the World

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Telling the Story of the World

Eric Miller

Is belief decisive for the way we understand the past? Should it be? We will probe the surprisingly vexed relationship between how we see the world and how we tell its story. Within the contested terrain of the historical profession, Christian historians have, over the past 50 years, advanced an array of ideas that seek to make sense of the relationship between our fundamental beliefs and historical interpretation. We will examine these efforts and work toward a deepening understanding of a faithfully Christian way of exploring the past.

Jubilee 2018

Wendell Moss — Race and Trauma (Collective Trauma)

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Race and Trauma (Collective Trauma)

Wendell Moss

Trauma is often not considered when it comes to talking about the issue of race/racism. Trauma, commonly defined as a distressing and disturbing experience, invites us to consider deep-seeded effects that racism has had and no one has escaped! My hope is to help us understand and further explore how trauma is still present in each of us (collectively) as we try to engage the issue of race and racism. I believe growing in our understanding will affect both how we listen and engage with one another, resulting in more intentionality, compassion, and curiosity.

Jubilee 2018

Rick Whitlock — Wise People with Smart Phones

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Wise People with Smart Phones
Rick Whitlock

How are our smart phones changing us? And should we be concerned? As followers of Jesus, we should care about how the use of technology affects our hearts, minds, and actions. In this workshop, we’ll seek to build a theology of technology that reveals how God thinks about technology and how our use of technology is shaping us. We’ll develop practical ideas to discern what action steps we can take in order to live as whole-hearted disciples of Jesus in the digital age. We’ll seek to become wise people with smart phones.

Jubilee 2018

Louis Arnold — Black and Blue


Black and Blue

Louis Arnold

Hear from a police sergeant about his role as the Faith and Community Liaison for a city in the Midwest as he shares how his role in the Kingdom of God and serving a God of justice informs how he engages all members of the community that he has sworn to serve, protect, and redeem.

Jubilee 2018