Antonio Morton — Daddy Deprivation


Daddy Deprivation

Antonio Morton

Father wounds go deep, and many of us have them. In this session, we will have a safe place to talk about the wounds from our fathers. Whether your father was absent, abusive, or aloof, those wounds are deep and need to be talked about. We will also talk about the fatherhood of God and see how this attribute gives strength to the fatherless child.

Jubilee 2018


Joy Ike — Making Music to the Glory of God

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Making Music to the Glory of God

Joy Ike

What does it look like to make music to the glory of God in a culture of three-minute and 30-second radio-friendly pop songs? In a Kiss-FM world, new songs rise to instant popularity overnight and disappear just as quickly. In a K-LOVE world, songs often stay vague, shallow, and devoid of true authenticity. In this workshop, Joy will share a bit of her journey in music-making as a daughter of Nigerian immigrants, a publicist, an untrained musician, and as someone who wrestles to find connections between the sacred and secular while navigating the art world through a Christian worldview. Joy will also discuss the Christian’s obligation to excellence in art for the glory of God and for the souls of man.

Jubilee 2018

Dan Mackett — Redeeming Power: How Justice is Woven into the Gospel


Redeeming Power: How Justice is Woven into the Gospel

Dan Mackett

Power is a sensitive issue that most of us don’t like having conversations about. But since power is a God-granted gift to His image bearers, it’s important for us to think about the Gospel’s implications on how it is used. Ever since the Fall, we have corrupted the way we use power. This corruption has severe consequences on Gods’ original plan—slavery being one of the worst byproducts. Slavery is the exploitation of one image-bearer for another’s own selfish gain. As we look to Christ on the cross, He teaches His followers how power can be redeemed and used to bring flourishing once again through the abolition of slavery—flourishing that will show the world there is a God who rescues, restores, and is perfectly just.

Jubilee 2018